“The best way to create unity is by creating empathy towards one another through film.”

“Last year, this scholarship was the reason I was able to attend my dream school.”

For me, the point of filmmaking is to tell stories that relate to people on a deeper level than pure entertainment. I live and breathe filmmaking. It is not simply a hobby, but a passion of mine that keeps me up at night, and ignites a fire within me that only grows with each passing day.

The JDogg community has afforded us [the scholars] the time we’ve needed to develop our skills, the support system to build our confidence, and the inspiration to reach just a little higher.

“I feel creatively energized and empowered. I’m more excited about my future now than I ever have been.”

“It has been an incredible opportunity to carry Justin with me.”

I'm still so thankful to have been awarded this scholarship as it allowed my 18-year old self the confidence to identify as a filmmaker.