2017 Scholarship Recipient: Rhys Kroehler

We live in a polarizing time, with a lot of fear and hate directed at “the other side,” whether based on religion, race, gender, or nationality. By making films with positive messages that create an emotional, empathetic connection with the audience, I hope to help break down the “us vs. them” mentality and lead the viewer to realize that we are all human.

JDogg Film Scholarship is proud to announce Rhys Kroehler, a graduate of Shorecrest High School, as the 2017 scholarship recipient.  Rhys’ films have won the 3-Minute Masterpiece Grand Prize at the Seattle International Film Festival, Awards of Excellence at the Northwest High School Film Festival, and an Official Selection of the All-American High School Film Festival in NYC. Rhys will attend the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts starting in August 2017.

Rhys’ passion is to create stories that resonate with an audience and help to bring us all a little closer together. Bringing a camera to Mexico, he documented his time in Tijuana building houses for homeless families. In a recent film, “Found”, he dealt with the emotional struggle of a teenager whose experience of loss and feelings of isolation are echoed by many young people … and Rhys wanted to put something out there to remind us all that we’re not alone.

What his teachers say:  

Rhys has been instrumental in the success of the student newsshow both in front of and behind the camera for three years. Rhys has an exceptional attitude and is a great citizen of Shorecrest high school. His work ethic, maturity, and ambition will help him succeed in college. But it is his helpfulness and selflessness that will make him a huge asset for any program.
Rhys enjoys making films because it allows him the ability, through a unique combination of stimuli, to create an emotional bond with the audience like no other medium can. In 2017, he made multiple PSAs discouraging teens from driving distracted. The radio ad he made played across the country through iheartradio. The film he made focused on young love, showing how easily it can be taken away in a moment of carelessness. Rhys hopes to continue making films that will attempt to catalyze change, but also entertain audiences.

Rhys's work:
Some Things Just Can’t Be Replaced
So Much To Lose
Changing Hands