2014 Scholarship Recipient: Raven Two Feathers

Film has made me the person I always wanted to be; confident, perseverant, and conscientious. It taught me how to convey my ideas, motivate people, and trust others that such a collaborative art form requires.  I went from rarely putting out ideas to friends, to pitching ideas to clients. Seeing myself accomplish feats that seemed only for those I thought of as betters has lifted my self-worth immensely.  Even better is seeing the relief and delight in friends after we all put 110% and sleepless nights into a film because we all love bringing stories to life and the journey that bonds us together while making the production happen.

Raven Two Feathers was a 2014 graduate of Ballard High School.

Raven has finished her second year at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, where the connections and experiences of her freshman year have made campus and professional endeavors even more meaningful. 

On the production side, Raven has been able to work on several student and professional projects this year, including 1st AD on a senior thesis (Ladybug by Jamie Haug) Ladybug promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNPPc3nggSg) and stage manager on the local production of the SFUAD Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast. Once again she was sound mixer/head of the sound department on set for principle production of "Karkutong," part of Shoot the Stars (a professional production run by student crews and starring A-list talent) (Karkutong trailer: https://vimeo.com/155257475).  Raven is currently expanding her short, “Little Beep of Revelations,” into a web series. This is a piece about a grim reaper who learns to love saving lives through her job of death and the corporate world.

While back in Seattle, she is interning with Tracy Rector, a local Indigenous media maker, and Three Dollar Bill Cinema, an LGBT+ film and media non-profit.  She is also working for the Seattle Public Schools Media Operations Center, who she interned for her senior year of high school."

At Ballard, Raven was president of the Future Filmmakers Club, and producer of Just Plane Lucky in the 2014 NFFTY 48-hour Film-Off, which placed second overall.  Raven has used her experiences of moving around the U.S. from the age of five to give her a fresh perspective of the world with the goal to tell stories that aren’t normally heard — stories about “the diversity that life has to offer.” In 2013 Raven, along with teens around the country, participated in the SuperFly Filmmaking Experience workshop where she told the story of the Suquamish Tribe in the Kitsap Peninsula. The film, Live to Remember, which she produced with other participants, screened at the Seattle International Film Festival and was added to the collection at Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.