2015 Scholarship Recipient: Bogui Adjorlolo

“For me, the point of filmmaking is to tell stories that relate to people on a deeper level than pure entertainment. I live and breathe filmmaking. It is not simply a hobby, but a passion of mine that keeps me up at night, and ignites a fire within me that only grows with each passing day.”

Bogui Adjorlorlo, a graduate of Shorecrest High School, was the 2015 JDogg scholarship recipient. Bogui has completed his first year at University of Southern California’s film school.  During his freshman year at USC, Bogui won two awards at USC for his video Snooze, and the WaveMaker grand jury award at SIFF for his short film Sable Mire.

“His enthusiasm for cinema is extraordinary. … I’m proud to say he’s shown dedication to the craft of filmmaking and a constant pursuit to explore and experiment in picture and sound. He’s one of the brightest and hardest working students currently enrolled at USC, without question”.
~James Savoca, Professor, Directing, USC

During his high school career, Bogui received seven Northwest High School Film Festival Awards. In 2015 his film, Goldfish, was an Official Selection of the National Film Festival for Talented Youth. Bogui will attend the University of Southern California’s film program starting in the fall of 2015.  

What his teachers say:  
“Bogui is, without a doubt, the most talented video student I've ever had the pleasure to teach at Shorecrest. Most students excel at one part of the video making process. However, Bogui excels at writing, directing, acting, and editing. … Bogui is team leader and helps to pull other students up to his level. Bogui’s storytelling ability, technical knowledge, and calm demeanor are just a few of the many assets that will help him become an excellent producer and director. His body of work speaks for itself, but he is also a caring individual who keeps improving his craft without the need of outside motivation.”
-Trent Mitchell, Video Production Teacher
Shorecrest High School

Bogui’s work ranges from art film through dramatic narrative to documentary, and often grapples with subjects that challenge seasoned filmmakers.  His 2013 short film, 'Tennis Ball,’ tells the story of a young man reflecting on the loss of a close friend and finishes with the young man visiting his friend's gravesite at the cemetery. The story is powerful, emotional, and very mature in subject matter. The cinematography is gorgeous and the editing choices are spot on. In Sable Mire, a 2015 film, Bogui hired and directed professional and student actors to tell the story of a family that struggles to stay together after losing a loved one. To see Bogui’s earlier filmmaking efforts, go to youtube.com/mindcontrolfilms